JetCon 1702

Industrial 2-Port High Power PoE Injector


JetCon 1702 is an advanced and cost effective high
power PoE injector; it applies power to Ethernet RJ-
45 data pairs or spare pairs for the powered device
(PD), JetCon is designed with IEEE 802.3 at and
IEEE 802.3af compliance. JetCon 1702 offers 2 channels
PoE injectors which is very suitable for the remote
wireless access, video surveillance applications where
power is lack.






2-Port High Power 30W PoE Injector
IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at Compliance
Alternative-A Data pair power feeding (JetCon 1702-A)
Alternative-B Spare pair power feeding (JetCon 1702-B)
Gigabit High Speed Data Link
Operating temperature -40~75C

Ordering information

JetCon 1702-A Industrial 2-Port High Power PoE Injector, A-Mode, -40~75°C
JetCon 1702-B Industrial 2-Port High Power PoE Injector, B-Mode, -40~75°C

  • JetCon 1702-A / 1702-B
  • DIN rail kit
  • Quick Installation Guide


Vendor: Korenix


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