JetNet 4706f

Industrial 6-Port Managed PoE Fiber Switch


JetNet 4706, an improved and strengthen manageable industrial PoE switch, is the successor of Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2007 Award winner, the JetNet 3705/3705f. JetNet 4706 is designed for industrial PoE applications such as IP surveillance or wireless access points, where power source is not conveniently located. It supports intelligent PoE control and schedule management; each of the four PoE ports can be configured in a weekly schedule by hourly basis and PoE on/off can be remote controlled via SNMP and Web. JetNet 4706 is compliant to both IEEE 802.3af PoE as well as the pioneer standard of IEEE802.3at PoE Plus design (enhancement of 802.3af) for boosting PoE delivery up to 30W in each of the four PoE ports. JetNet 4706 can auto-detect 24V & 48V power input and deliver 24V & 48V PoE output allows more applications where 48VDC is not an option.

The two uplink ports of JetNet 4706 series can be configured as Rapid Super Ring ports recovering network failure in less than 5ms, or RSTP ports integrating with other standard switches. Full network management features such as SNMP v3, QoS, IGMP v3 are all supported. If the powered device fails to respond after a pre-configured time interval, JetNet 4706 will reboot the powered device and continue to monitor the powered device in every pre-configured time interval. Also, unmanageable powered devices can be managed through JetNet 4706 software. The award-winning IP-31 rigid aluminum flat casing and wide operation temperature range ensure a reliable operation in places such mass transit vehicles or outdoor usage.

PoE-Plus Capability: 30W High Power
In addition to IEEE802.3af standard, Korenix also supports IEEE802.3at pre-standard high power PSE solution for PDs which power requirements are greater than 15.4W. JetPoE switch series delivers up
to 30 watts of high power, which can be used in high end demanding applications.

Forced Powering
Korenix provides advanced forced powering control to deliver power to those non-standard PoE devices
that cannot be detected as valid PD's. In the early days PoE products that were circulating the market
prior to the ratification of PoE standard 802.3af did not comply with the current standard and did not
support PD detection and classification. The PoE switch cant recognized the PD, thus, it will not
forward the power. The forced powering ability solves this problem and enables all your PD's

Manual Power Limitation
Korenix allows users to manually configure the power limitation of the attached PD that doesn't support PD
classification. This can be used to prevent over-power drawing by a non-standard PD and also provides over-heat protection in the event that power forwarding has been exceeded.

Korenix PoE manual power


Redundant Power Supply
Korenix supports power input redundancy on your PSE, flexible solutions for those applications where a reliable power supply is critical. The backup power input will be enabled when the main input fails.
Redundant power

Smart Powered Device Alive-Check
Korenix PoE switches can be configured to monitor real-time status of connected PD's. Once the PD fails, it will reset the PoE port to bring the PD back to a working state. This greatly enhances the reliability that the PoE port will reset the PD power and reduces your management burden. 

 Korenix Alive check

PoE Port Schedule
Korenix provides an hourly/weekly scheduling mechanism for advanced power control. Each PoE
port can be configured as on/off by hourly basis. This feature meets economic power management,
security, or customer-specific requirements.


Enhancement for Environmental Requirements
The PoE devices that are installed in industrial environments are often located in hot and humid storage rooms without air conditioning. The products must be anti-shock, offer a wider range of operation temperatures and be waterproof. The award-winning mechanical design of Korenix PoE switch series are your best solution for industrial graded applications.


  • Four 10/100 TX Power over Ethernet ports and two redundant 10/100 FX uplink ports
  • DC 24V Power Input for DC 22V output through Ethernet (Non-standard PoE)
  • DC 48V Power Input for IEEE 802.3af 48V PoE output (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Up to 30W per port for High Power solution by Power Input DC 55V (IEEE 802.3at)
  • UP to 100W for total power budget
  • Support IEEE 802.3af for PoE detection and PoE classification resistors
  • PoE control and schedule by hour/weekly basis
  • Auto-detect Powered Device status for device auto-reset (LPLD)
  • Patented Rapid Super Ring technology (RSR), back up system recovery time less than 5ms
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, RMON, VLAN, QoS Network security by IP/MAC address, SSL and SSH
  • Built-in hardware watchdog timer for system auto-reset
  • Aluminum rugged enclosure with IP-31 grade protection
  • Forced mode Powering
  • -40~60oC operating temperature for hazardous environment application


Ordering information:

JetNet 4706f-m Industrial 6-port Managed PoE Ethernet Fiber Switch
* JetNet 4706f-m, 4 PoE Injectors plus 2 100Mbps fiber port, 2KM/SC connector
* Quick Installation Guide
* RS-232 Serial cable
* CD User Manual
* DIN Rail Mount Kit

JetNet 4706f-s Industrial 6-port Managed PoE Ethernet Fiber Switch
* JetNet 4706f-s, 4 PoE Injectors plus 2 100Mbps fiber port, 30KM/SC connector
* Quick Installation Guide
* RS-232 Serial cable
* CD User Manual
* DIN Rail Mount Kit

Optional Accessories:

  • 48VDC Din-Rail Power: DR-75-48
  • 48VDC PoE Splitter: PD1205
Vendor: Korenix


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