JetPort 5201

Industrial 1-port RS-232 Serial Device Server


Jetport 5201 is a smart one RS-232 to Ethernet device server. The serial speed can be as high as 460.8kbps. The serial port can be configured as Virtual Com, Serial tunnel, TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode to communicate with Ethernet. JetPort 5201 supports up to 5 simultaneous Virtual COM, TCP server, TCP client connections for critical redundant solution.
JetPort Commander is an easy-to-use utility for Windows that covers all management, monitoring, and control functions for one or many JetPort servers. Setting up 100 JetPort can be as easy as setting up one JetPort. In addition to Windows configuration, JetPort can be configured by Web and Telnet, giving administrators the flexibility for device management. JetPort 5201 can be wall mounted or din-rail mounted by the din-rail kit.

Small, Compact, Easy to Use
JetPort 5201 is a small RS-232 to Ethernet Device Server. JetPort 5201 equips with compact form-factor, 54.4mm(W) x 79.5mm(H) x22mm(D), can be easily install in the industrial or office network.
If a network environment simply needed a RS-232 interface, JetPort 5201 is the handy solution with easy-to-use management methods, the serial speed can support as high as 460.8Kbps.

Hassle-Free Configuration
JetPort Commander allows users to discover all JetPorts in a LAN and configure/monitor one or multiple JetPorts simultaneously. All configurations are run-time change without re-booting the device. JetPort also supports web/telnet console and SNMP for extended network management.

Flexible Serial Configuration
JetPort supports flexible serial communication mode, including virtual com, TCP server, TCP client, UDP, and serial tunnel. Advanced settings for controlling the data communications such as TCP alive check, delimiter, and timeout are also supported. For industrial redundant solutions, JetPort supports to maximum 5 simultaneous connections for virtual com, TCP server, TCP client modes, sending to 5 hosts simultaneously.

Event Warning
Jetport 5201 supports Event warning when the pre-configured events occur; the system will send E-mail, SNMP trap and Syslog to administrators. With the event warning, administrator will be notified if there is a change of the status on the field, thus, take the corresponding action within a short time.


  •  Single, compact RS-232 to Ethernet Solution
  • High serial speed up to 460.8kbps
  • JetPort Commander, Windows utility for auto discovery, device configuration, multiple devices setup wizard and monitoring
  • Versatile serial operation options: Virtual Com, Serial tunnel, TCP server, TCP client, UDP
  • Up to 5 simultaneous serial connections
  • Configuration by Windows, Web and Telnet
  • Event warning by Email, SNMP trap and Syslog
  • Virtual COM driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista 

Ordering information:

JetPort 5201 1-port RS-232 Serial Device Server
* 1-port RS-232 Serial Device Server
* Quick Installation Guide
* 100~240VAC power adapter
* Din-Rail kit and foot pads
* Documentation and Software CD-ROM

Vendor: Korenix


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