JetNet 3705

Industrial 5-port Power Over Ethernet Switch


Industrial PoE switches that deliver power over UTP or STP cable not only save significant cost and space, but also increase power utilization and centralize power management. The JetNet 3705 equips with 4 PoE injector switch ports, with each port delivering power up to 15.4 watts in maximum,and one 10/100Base TX Up-link port transfering data to the remote end. The JetNet 3705 conforms to IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard. The Power Over Ethernet technology can power up PoE enabled powered devices in full capability, e.g. IP surveillance camera, wireless Access Point, VoIP phone set, POS system, industrial sensors, controllers and security card reader. Using an external 48VDC power supply, JetNet 3705 enables power and data transmission to be pumped out over the same UTP or STP cable in the four PoE ports.

To meet the requirements for harsh environment, JetNet 3705 uses a robust aluminum case, offering IP30 protection, and supports one alarm relay output . The JetNet3705 provides standard industrial terminal block for the power and relay alarm contact output to alarm any port break or power failure. For the user's convenience, it also provides a DC jack for the traditional AC/DC power adapter.

Industrial-grade IEEE 802.3af Compliant Power Source Switch
JetNet 3705 is in compliance with IEEE 802.3af standard and supports Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) function. It delivers power through the spare pairs (4, 5, 7, 8) of standard Ethernet CAT5 cable and transmits data through the traditional pairs (1, 2, 3, 6). The JetNet3705 PoE ports provide PoE auto detection of the link partner to deliver the exact power to the PD. If the link partner is not a PD or the link cable is short, or the device is broken, it will executes a series of standard procedures to avoid sending out a huge power to damage the linked device.

Secure Power Protection
JetNet 3705 is designed to endure harsh working environment and severe operating temperature. To successfully deliver reliable power, JetNet 3705 builds in strong protection againest abnormal working conditions including 2KV power surge protection from the power input and over-voltage protection to keep PoE output voltage in between DC 44 ~ 57V, 350mA over-load current and 450 mA short current protection. The JetNet3705 PoE function is fully in compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard, therefore all PoE protection measures are put into practice in the JetNet3705 series.


  • Four 10/100 TX Ports with Embedded PoE Injector
  • One 10/100 TX Up-link Port
  • 15.4W Full Power Delivery per PoE Port
  • Relay Alarm for Port Failure
  • Terminal Block Power Input for Industrial Application.
  • DC Jack Power Input for External Power Adapter
  • End-Point PoE Architecture
  • Easy Configuration by DIP Switch
  • DIN-Rail/ Wall-mounting and Desktop Installation
  • -20~70oC operating temperature for hazardous environment application (JetNet 3705-w -40~70oC, special order by project request, please contact Korenix for lead time)

Ordering information:

JetNet 3705 Industrial 5-port PoE Power Source Ethernet Switch

* 4 x 10/100 Base-TX PoE Port, 1 x 10/100 Base TX
* Quick Installation Guide
* Documentation CD-ROM
* DIN-Rail mounting kit

Vendor: Korenix


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