ER75i v2

ER75i v2 GSM/EDGE maršrutizatorius


GPRS/EDGE ER75i v2 maršrutizatorius, dėl aukšto saugumo lygio ir plačios GPRS/EDGE aprėpties, idealiai tinkantis nuotolio valdymo ar duomenų rinkimo procesams.

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Gamintojas: Conel


Cellular Wireless Network Technology
Frequency Bands
GSM 900, 1800 MHz: yes
GSM 850, 1900 MHz: yes
Communication Interfaces and Expansions
Ethernet 10/100: yes
Ethernet 10/100 3-port switch: Optional
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b, g, n): Optional
USB Host: yes
RS232/485/422: Optional
MBUS, Wireless MBUS: Optional
I/O CNT: Optional
I/O (1x IN / 1x OUT): yes
Design, Dimension, SIM, Environmental
Plastic casing (50x83x116mm): Optional
Metal casing (42x80x113mm): Optional
2x SIM Card: Optional
Power Supply 10V-30V: yes
Operation temp. : yes
DIN holder TS35/TS32: yes
Linux: yes
IPSec: yes
OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GRE: yes
Authentication (X.509 cert., Pre-shared key, Password): yes
EasyVPN: Optional
Firewall: yes
DHCP: yes
NAT/PAT: yes
HTTP/HTTPS server: yes
Telnet/SSH: yes
DynDNS: yes
FTP Server: yes
NTP Server, client: yes
SNMP: yes
VRRP: yes
SMTP, E-mail: yes
VLAN 802.1Q: yes
QoS, IGMP, BGP, OSPF, RIP: Optional
PPPoE bridge: yes
COM port TCP/UDP server/client: yes
Modbus RTU/TCP gateway: Optional
4 configuration profiles: yes
Automatic configuration and FW update: yes
Additional Software Support
SW Plug-in modules: yes
R-SeeNet: yes
SmartCluster: yes

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