FiberMod 8DI

Skaitmeninių įėjimų keitiklis į optinę sąsają


FiberMod 8DI is a stand-alone digital FiberMod module and low cost solution designed for industrial applications, remote control and monitoring. It can easy replace regular cables for signaling.  It takes less than 10ms for a signal from digital input to go to digital output. This enables users to replace regular control cables with only one fiber. There is an additional possibility to filter a signal and  it takes 50 ms threshold or if its necessary it is sent immediately. 

FiberMod 8DI is composed of the specific equipments (signal converters) which assure the data transfer (through the communication processor) from the programmable logical controller to the dispatcher and commands transfer from the dispatcher to the programmable logical controller.
Integrated LED's indicate specific operating module status to the user. Module is designed for Din rail mounting that enables the device to be used in a wide area of industrial environment. The FiberMod 8DI has got 8 optically isolated digital inputs with 2500 Vrms protection. The range of each of the digital inputs voltage is 9-30 VDC. Wide power supply input range allows from 10 to 36 VDC operating voltage.

FiberMod 8DI modules are an ideal solution for such applications as data acquisition, control, process monitoring, testingand measurement. It is possible to use the input modules together with the FiberMod Modbus-1/2/4to monitor/controlthe input/outputsignals over Modbus protocol from any SCADA system or WCC 100.
The FiberMod 8DI modules should be used in pair with FiberMod 8RO or FiberMod Modbus-1/2/4 modules.

Gamintojas: Elseta


Skaitmeniniai įėjimai
Įėjimų kiekis: 8
Įėjimų įtampa: 9-30VDC
Galvaninio atskyrimo įtampa: 2500 Vrms
Optinė sąsaja
Galios biudžetas su 50/125um optinėmis skaidulomis: 9,6 dB
Galios biudžetas su 62,5/125um optinėmis skaidulomis: 15 dB
Jungties tipas: ST
Bangos ilgis: 820 nm
Veikimo atstumas: 2 km
Maitinimo įtampa: +24VDC (10-36VDC)
Naudojamas galingumas: 1W
Mechaniniai parametrai
Matmenys: 67(A) x 88(P) x 90(I) mm
Montavimas: DIN bėgelis
Korpusas: Plastikas
Darbinė temperatūra: -5 ~ 60°C
Saugojimo temperatūra: -40 ~ 80°C
Garantija: 1 metai

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