Taiwan Metro data monitoring

2015 Lapkričio 4 d.

Korenix Industrial secure computer enable non-stop data transmission for ventilation system.


2015 Balandžio 22 d.

Korenix High Power PoE Switches Provide Stable Power Feeding and Reliable Data Transmission over 6000 Sets of LED Luminaires of the Smart Building

Weather Station Monitoring

2010 Spalio 26 d.

Owing to monitoring conditions and effects on deserts and glaciers, where the temperature varies outrageously, global scientists and technicians are seeking the method to challenge the severe conditions from the on-site weather stations.

Machinery Remote Diagnosis System

2010 Spalio 18 d.

The globalization of markets is accompanied with increase of the distances to customers. Hence, the reduction of costs for service provision as well as shortening of the down time in case of malfunctions is of a great importance.

GAS Distribution Station

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Natural Gas is a new trend of clean energy, and it has become the mainstream power source for public transportation, household uses…etc in major metropolitans throughout the world. Reasons for adapting to Natural Gas from traditional sources of power such as Nuclear Power or Coal Power are for improving the polluted environments caused by or as a result of global warming, air pollution, chemical pollution, safety issues…etc. One of the most common and effective methods of transporting the Natural Gas is going through the underground pipelines because Natural Gas are flammable, explosive and destructive.

Platinum Mine Monitoring System

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

South Africa, known throughout the world as a treasure trove of sorts, boasts an abundance of mineral resources, producing and owning a significant proportion of the world's minerals. South Africa's wealth has been built on the country's vast resources - nearly 90% of the platinum metals on Earth. With the severe environment underground, it requires the rugged, dust-resistant, anti-vibration specifications of the JetBox 8100 embedded computer to ensure complete control of loading operations.

Coal Mine Monitoring System

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Coal mining is an efficient resource of energy and
is used as a low cost, quality fuel for many power plants. Mining operations are being equipped with sophisticated industrial controls and sensors for safety and operations efficiency. In mining applications, reliable communication between many wide spread localizations and large bandwidth equipments are required. A well-known Coal Mine located in Silesia, Poland, has chosen Korenix JetNet 5010G for data transmissions which needed
to be done in a reliable and effective manner.

Underground Mine Remote Control

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Mining operations are deployed with sophisticated industrial controls and sensors for safety and operations efficiency. These sites must work around the clock to be operationally efficient and productive and must experience minimal downtime due to communication failures. With the severe environmental conditions underground, the networking of mining areas requires rugged, anti-vibration specifications of devices to ensure complete control of loading operations while securely transferring data.

Solar Bus Station Network Controlling System

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

As solar energy is becoming increasingly important in powering electrical and electronic systems, more cities adopt the concept of providing solar powered bus stop stations to maximize energy efficiency and ensure an unpolluted environment. This requires implementation of an intelligent control system which can act as a front-end controller device to connect to a number of peripheral devices for data acquisition, data logging, and simultaneously convert the protocols. Moreover, it should be compact to fit in small systems as well as rugged to resist outdoor environmental conditions.

Power Plant Automation

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

The new trend of power plant automation is aiming to have good interoperability between a variety of electronic devices in the substation. When it comes to connect all equipments to each automated power system in one substation, it is not uncommon that different interfaces would be supplied by different manufacturers.

Electric Power Distribution

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

With the rapid growth of the Taiwanese economy,
the electric power distribution is the essential issue towards the industrial advance and the high living standard of the household. Taiwanese power company (Taipower), the heart of electricity distribution in Taiwan, plays an important role of providing electricity to its citizens. Taipower is providing high quality electricity to people throughout the HSIANG CHENG ELECTRONIC feeders with Korenix reliable solutions - JetNet 4008f-s, JetCon
2301s. As the automation distribution downstream levels of electric power systems rise electric networking failure is unavoidable.

Power Substation Automation

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Today's demands on power substations are greater than ever before, challenging operators to ensure reliable, non-stop power supply with reduced maintenance and installation costs. In this context, the networking facilities in electric power substations are being redesigned to accommodate the desires of communities, where the high performance communication network should guarantee very strict requirements and comply with the IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 power standards to prevent the possible power disturbances and outages. Besides, used in power utilities, the networking equipments are subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity, as well as electrical transients from high voltage switching.

Traffic Light Control

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Beijing is China’s second largest city, after Shanghai. It is a major transportation center, with dozens of railways, roads and motorways passing through the city. The city will host the 2008 Summer Olympics, to improve the heavy traffic during rush hour; public transportation and intelligent traffic system are often introduced in nearly all metropolitans. For intelligent traffic system, it requires Ethernet redundant mechanism, RS-232/422 to Ethernet converter to remote control traffic light and other traffic sign/

Tunnel Traffic Monitoring

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

The disastrous fires and everyday accidents lead to a major reappraisal of tunnel safety. As a result, latest video surveillance technologies are being installed to ensure the highest level of safety and fast reaction in emergency situations. However, some challenges need to be addressed, including the relatively humid, dusty and salty environmental conditions in tunnels, the frequent vibration of equipment caused by moving heavy vehicles, etc.

Highway Traffic Monitoring

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Due to the increasing complexity of traffic flow in the highways with the desire for advanced mobility, safety, security or other environmental issues, the role of reliable and congestion-free road traffic management is becoming more and more crucial. To ensure the non-stop transmission of a large number of video and audio flows from widely-located road sites to the monitoring room, high-speed gigabit Ethernet and fiber connections are required to be used in harsh industrial environments.

PoE IP Surveillance System in Public Transportation - Bus

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

The plans of security surveillance are already underway to ensure the safety of all people taking public bus in Spain. However, there are some challenges revealed: Firstly, there could be the extra costs of wiring for each IP camera since 4 IP cameras would be required in one bus. Secondly, the temperature in the cabinet is relatively high due to the heat generated from the plastic roof; therefore the commercial switches could have difficulty sustaining under the heating environment.

Tram surveillance

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Environmentally friendly urban development policies all over the world make Ethernet tram the future trend of smart transportation systems. These Ethernet vehicles are integrating secure and reliable multifunctional solutions. One of such an example is the deployment of on-tram ticketing systems integrated with IP surveillance and multimedia solutions. The multifunctional systems require devices which can overcome vibration and shock on moving vehicles and provide efficient network management tools for high quality video transmission.

Mobile DVR System

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Transportation authorities and bus manufacturers are increasingly deploying mobile video solutions for reliable, onboard surveillance. The emerging technological innovations and the revolution of IP video surveillance are combining to provide users with smarter and more efficient network video monitoring solutions. However, providing a complete IP surveillance networking solution in vehicles can be troublesome and expensive with a number of devices used separately to deliver power to IP cameras, collect and manage video streams, etc.

Bus Surveillance

2010 Rugsėjo 28 d.

Video surveillance in buses and other mobile systems has become highly important due to the increased number of criminal threats. With surveillance now heading its way of IP, more vehicles are being equipped with IP cameras which require a total IP surveillance network solution.