Conel: Bankomatų ir loterijos terminalų sprendimai

Winning and Payment Terminals

Devices and systems necessary for banking and payment services are everywhere where financial transactions and payments occur. It is real-time communication, which must provide a high level of reliability and security. Mobile GPRS and 3G technologies enable us to create fixed or mobile applications. Wireless communications can be used as a primary or backup communication channel.


Main application samples:

  • connection of ATMs and payment terminals
  • connection of lottery and slot/game machines
  • monitoring of vending and dispensing machines
  • backup connections for ATM machines and online betting terminals

Selected references

ATM machine connections - EDGE and UMTS transmissions, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine, Finland ...

GTECH -3G (UMTS) connection of lottery and slot/game machines, Czech Republic, Poland

Case studies

Kiosk - Automatic Vending Systems