Conel: Sprendimai energetikai

Energy and Heat Industries

The energy and heat industries use wireless communication systems because they are economical and they are quickly and easily installed. They are mostly used for monitoring/supervising and control of various technological devices. A high level of reliability is necessary. Wireless connections may also serve as backup systems in case of failure of fixed/permanent communication lines. Heat distribution industries use wireless data transfer for their heat distribution systems - SCADA systems provides them with data collections and with management of transfer stations, or it is used to collect data (readouts) from heat measuring instruments (heat meters).


The most important uses and applications:

  • remote control of high-voltage sectional switches
  • measurement and control of devices in transformer stations
  • remote readouts of electric meters, smart metering
  • monitoring of small power plants - water, wind, photovoltaic power plants
  • monitoring of cogeneration units, biogas stations
  • monitoring and supervision of boiler rooms and heat distribution systems
  • heat transfer station management and control
  • data collection from heat measuring instruments

Selected references

Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (Slovakia) - GSM-GPRS networks for remote control of sectional switch-off elements, transformer station monitoring

ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. - GSM-GPRS network for remote control of sectional switch-off elements, transformer stations and FVE (PPP - Photovoltaic Power Plants)

Watson Telecom (Ukrajina) - radio networks for measurement and control of transformer stations in Ukraine

IT-Tronic (Dánsko) - GSM-GPRS connections for wind power plants

Pražská teplárenská a.s. - GSM-GPRS and EDGE network for data collections from transfer stations and heat measuring instruments (heat meters)

Elektrárny Opatovice, a.s. - radio and GPRS networks for collections of data from heat transfer stations