Conel: Telekomunikaciniai ir interneto sprendimai

Telecommunications and Internet Access

Companies operating telecommunications networks (mobile/fixed operators, Internet providers, private network providers) increasingly offer installation of connections from anywhere. Where fixed connection cannot be built, it is best to use 3G mobile (UMTS) networks. Operators often guarantee availability of services and therefore fixed lines are being backed up by independent mobile GSM / 3G network.


Main application samples:

  • private telecommunications network used to connect company branches
  • fixed/permanent data lines backup
  • quick establishment of temporary connections/couplings to the Internet or Intranet
  • access to the Internet / Intranet from remote areas
  • internet access from mobile devices - buses, trains, ships

Selected references

Mobile and fixed operators - flexible solutions for connections to private networks via EDGE and 3G G

Operators of shop chains and petrol stations - EDGE and 3G networks for connection to Intranet

Mobile Internet access from ships - 3G connection from Scandinavian ships, Italy

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