Conel: Nuotolinio stebėjimo ir valdymo sprendimai

Remote Management and Monitoring

Customers who buy these machines and technological systems from their suppliers expect to get not only the system and hardware, but also fast, high-quality warranty and post-warranty services. The cost reduction for these additional services enabled us to provide remote monitoring services, which the supplier may use to monitor his products directly at the customer's location. GPRS / 3G networks, which are available almost anywhere in the world, are very effective and suitable for communications.


Main application samples:

  • remote programming of control machines and SCADA systems
  • remote management of control systems and computers in industry
  • control of functions and remote service of machinery and equipment
  • monitoring of key elements of telecommunication networks
  • monitoring of advertisement billboards
  • advertisement contents update used in electronic terminals

Selected references

Control systems suppliers - SIEMENS, WAGO, SAUTER, TECO

Machine manufacturers

Functional units suppliers